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Find the best businesses in Cyprus with one click

The most extensive app to display, discover, and order from all Cyprus local and national services.

Maximize Your Business Visibility and Sales

Find the best service immediately wherever you are.

Take your business to any tourist & locals in Cyprus.

For Users

- Free account & app download
- Available on iOS mobile devices
- Available on Android devices
- Find any Cyprus services and facilities
- Interact with the best businesses
- Living, shopping, entertainment, sports, travel, health & beauty, public units, etc.
- 100+ brands

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For Business

- Company info and branding
- Filtrable map & Geolocalisation
- Photo & video gallery and production
- User/customer reviews
- Social Media Advertising/Promotion
- Google SEO
- 11 categories & 300+ sub-categories
- Sales tools (coming soon)

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GoCyprus Works Across All Of The Popular Devices

Explore Cyprus the easiest way.
Bring the island with you.
Overcome language barriers.